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…and welcome to my page.


About me:

Hello and welcome to my page. Here I keep some of my photography work I’ve done lately. I liked cameras since I was a little kid and I tried to make some pictures already back then. So I guess these past ten years I’ve been doing and learning photography more serious.

At the moment here you can find pictures from the weddings I’ve been as a photographer, as well as the portraits of people. I do individual photo-shoots, family and couples photo-shoots.

One more thing I shoot a lot is real estate. Beautifully made interiors of apartments, homes, restaurants or other public spaces.

Some more categories with pictures from my travels and adventures I will post soon. Follow me on social media if you would like to get notified about that.

I am currently living in Latvia but I’m a big traveler and ready to shoot some nice pictures worldwide. You are welcome to use the form on this very page and contact me if you have any questions or inquiries.

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